Well lets start with ‘fig v fig’ the blog……

It’s a platform for reviewing my wargame miniatures. Not enough eh?

Fig v fig is a hobby blog where I can share the trials and tribulations of collecting painting and war gaming with miniature figurines of the era bounded by bayonets through to breech loaders and where appropriate offer some righteous critiqu’n. That’s right another War games blog, with yet another full grown (a bit too full grown at the moment) man with a passion for painting and pushing little toy soldiers around a table. Really, c’mon, what is the problem with that? 🙂

Most importantly I don’t see fig v fig as a resource page for real enthusiasts of one period or another more a collection of ideas and accompanying pictures.

Occasionally I may feel inclined to share some of my crack pot ideas on the subject of war games miniatures and war gaming in general.  Don’t despair I’m not particularly passionate about how others should go about their war gaming and painting, my rants are limited in blast radius and centred around some hair brained scheme or the other.

Over the years a lot of war games figures have passed through my hands, particularly as a commission painter, and time and again I found myself wishing I had kept, or in those days had the means to keep, the particular details of the ranges of figures I had been commissioned to paint. We were always delighted by the photographic images in the glossies from England at the time (e.g. millitary modelling, miniature war games, practical wargamer etc etc) but it always seemed a little too difficult to set up a home studio with traditional film cameras.

Of course now we have high quality affordable digital cameras and PC’S/Macs, with mind numbing photo imaging software which has made the cataloging of all those miniatures, either in the process of recruitment, or already under arms a simple task that no amount of scribbled notes and visits to the local chemists with the old 35mm roll could compare with.

So the camera the time and the opportunity has presented itself and this here is the result of my efforts, another war games blog! There are a lot of good war games blogs out there so I’ll have plenty of inspiration….


……and finish with ‘fig v fig’ the person

I’m an Aussie living, more or less happily, with “she who must be restrained”… in the sunny state of Queensland. Besides gaming and painting I love fishing and I’m a dedicated motor sports fan, that’s right a petrol head.

For the last ten years I have been a war gaming fringe dweller, work kept me away from home quite a lot (4 weeks out of 5) and a move interstate (to the state of Queensland) more or less cut off my gaming ties and ability to find opponents. Whole armies and countless unpainted figures have been dispersed around the house over the intervening years to guard shoe boxes in attics, form perimeters around laundry cupboards and defend the shed from neighbourhood villains, It’s was time to bring them in from the cold.

It has been a couple of years since I wrote the above and work is no longer a barrier to gaming and painting. Unfortunately in the intervening years I suffered one or two health problems which are slowly being overcome and a blog catastrophe with huge amounts of content being lost, oh well you get that on a big job.  If you would like to get in touch email me figvfig(at)yahoo(dot)com and please feel free to offer comments on all posts, photos and reviews (I will tolerate dissent right up until the point I delete it), or maybe even add some reviewing yourselves…….. 🙂


I now offer a commission painting service to learn more click on the paint pig button on the menu bar

kind regards, Dave

*The images used on this page are photographic reproductions found on wiki commons and are in the public domain