painting SYW Kreis – IR Kronegk

I have continued on with my Kreis troopers uniform and can confirm there is a Franconian States uniform match, Infantry Regiment Kronegk. Just as importantly I think I have cracked onto a simple style that complements the sculpting so I will be sticking with non metallic paint for the metallic elements of the figure.









I have a view that these figures have a Munchausian look about them and have tried to paint the figures with a cartoon/comic book look, or what I imagine it would look like, hopefully it will be effective en mass. The trick will be in capturing the “Kreis” look, I.R. Kronegk contained contingents from 18 different Frankischen Kreis (Franconian States) and I want the troops reflect that diversity, one or two ideas up my sleeve which should work to bring this about.









That is about all I have been doing painting wise this last week, despite boxes full of goodies arriving on the doorstep (one was from Minden Miniatures, huzzah!) and the lovely WarTime Miniatures Hanoverians to finish brush work must wait, paid work has arrived and I had better take the opportunity while it presents.









cheers, from the work site


1814 Bavrian Generals

These aren’t in my personal collection I’m painting them for a friends 1814 campaign of which I’m one of the participants, I don’t have any Foundry Nap. figures so I thought it might be nice to have them represent for their team. Once the campaign proper gets underway I will keep you updated with events and photo’s

I’ve been keeping a bit of a photo file on the horse as I paint them for a later post and of course they will be headed for the gallery, when I get some free time to organise the gallery. I didn’t get the fig v fig blog fully functional by the end of January but it’s getting close, the lost content obviously can’t be restored but it can be replaced, replaced with new content that I hope is just as interesting.

Thanks for looking