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“So why use a palette? What’s wrong with getting your paint straight out of the pot? A palette provides you with a space to dilute your paints to the right consistency, mix shades and protect your paint pots from drying out.”

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Concession to old age

As age and illness (diabetes) and my hobby have diminished my eyesight somewhat over the years some practicable decisions regarding my painting have to be made. Besides having my eyes checked regularly there are one or two other items that can be used to relieve eyestrain. The first I purchased around 14 months ago, a magnification lamp, not the huge cantilevered, multi articulated monsters  you find on American Detective shows or at the finger nails shops or whatever they are called, more a desk lamp with a 100mm diam lens of 3x magnification. This and my glasses perched on my nose really make kitting out miniatures a breeze and it is easily portable so if I want to watch a bit of telly and deflash and clean up my miniatures it’s no problem to move into the lounge room, after the Missus has gone to bed of course.

magnifier come desk lamp, light provided by LED’s

But figure sculptors being the craftsmen that they are, are always adding more and more fine detail to their little masterpieces and even the magnification lamp was being stretched to bring the fine detail out clearly enough to paint accurately. Enter another invaluable piece of kit, the optivisor. Optivisor is actually a brand name but there are many similar items and they have taken on the generic title of optivisor. I bought mine from a lapidary store for $35 and it came with four different glass magnification lenses and I find it a godsend when working on finely detailed figures particularly 5/6mm and 15/18 mm scale pieces and if I use it with the magnifier lamp ……WOW!

optical visor

Next up I take regular breaks that don’t involve reading, telly or computers, this allows your eye muscles to relax and if you start at this early on in your painting life it can delay loss of close focus and the early need for glasses.

take a break, see if you can coax a possum out during daylight hours with some food 🙂

Finally, and this is a personal choice, I’m slowly moving away from detailed smaller scaled figures and looking to work with 25/28 mm figures.  Made possible by the ever-growing selection of quality cheaper  plastic figures for the bulk of the rank and file. Have to say that because I really can’t resist getting some Calpe Mini’s for much longer and it’s a good excuse.  😉

what do you mean my 5mm lack detail!

thanks for looking 🙂