Camera Play

With the Gallery on the verge of becoming a going concern (again) I decided my lazy habit of point and clicking my figures had to come to an end, so yesterday I spent a day away from the brushes and put some effort in on the camera.

Untitled 16

After many hours of fiddling with fiddly micro buttons, switches and turn dials of various configurations I came to the conclusion that I’m not happy with setting the white balance or focus manually so these operations have stayed on “auto”, my eyes are a bit buggered anyway so I don’t think it would be a huge benefit focusing manually.

Untitled 2

I did put in some effort with F-stop settings, sensor readings (the old film speed ISO) and shutter speeds and I think the majority of the photo’s have come up considerably better than my recent efforts, particularly with depth of field.

Untitled 21   Untitled 19

One thing became clear from my day of fiddlizing is I really should invest in a half decent light to paint and photograph under may go a long way to improving both. It was a pity my camera wont let me play with exposures, it insists on taking photos properly in that regard and it also probably explains the absence of a light meter, putting that to one side I think it was a successful day.

Untitled 6

The flickr folder is public and I’ve stored a few of the happy snaps there-in.


Austrian Army : Österreichische Armee : Organization : Strength : Commanders

Hi, just came across this neat little site on the Austrian Army of the Napoleonic Wars. Not really on my radar as far as mustering forces but highly enjoyable and informative reading. Links are at the bottom of the post and I will add this to the Nap links available in the blog reader.

Austrian Army of the Napoleonic Wars “… the Austrian army … carried most of the burden of the war on land.
Though repeatedly defeated, it always rose again…” – Gunther Rothemberg
Austria was the most implacable of Napoleon’s continental enemies:
Austria at war with France – 108 months
Prussia at war with France – 58 months
Russia at war with France – 55 months
“Oldest and, next to the English, the most persistent of those foemen were the whitecoat Kaiserlichs.” – John Elting
” The great confusion of nationalities is a serious evil [ in the Austrian Army ] . In the British army, every man can at least speak English, but with the Austrians, even the NCOs of the non-German regiments can scarcely speak German.”
In 1809 the Austrian army was the third largest army in the World.
.via Austrian Army : Österreichische Armee : Organization : Strength : Commanders.
thanks for looking