Eylau – fun in the snow

Somewhat late but I should mention that the Eylau game has been played! Uh huh, that’s right, the game has been played and I didn’t post anything……

Let me explain, I installed all the pictures (that turned out) in a new annexe of the gallery with the intention of posting a note here in the blog directing your attention to it. Phase one of the operation went quite smoothly phase two…… OK so this is phase two, a little late.

So hit the gallery tab above and select the Eylau sub menu or if that is all too hard (slackers) click

A tight spot for the Ruskies

Thanks for looking guys n gals


Eylau the Demo Game

Our group of like minded, and quite handsome, gamers here in Brisbane are attempting to put on a participation/demo game of the frosty and jolly cold Battle of Eylau for the Brisbane Muster (war games convention), being run by the Brisbane Independent Gamers club. The Battle of Eylau, 7 – 8 February 1807, was a nasty little punch up between the Crsican trouble makers Grande Armée and a Ruskie army under Count von Bennigsen near the town of Preußisch Eylau, it proved to be a bloody and inconclusive affair and was noted by historians for the absence of brass monkeys!

Battle map we will be using showing positions

Contour map of the battle field plotted out 1:1 in game scale

After a night or two of discussion and a weeks worth of emails the team was assigned tasks which each and everyone has tackled heads down bums up (with gusto for non Australians). Accurate contour maps have been obtained, OOB’s are under research, print plotters and styrofoam cutters are beginning to strain under the load and I’ll probably get around to painting the Russian shortfall before the event.  😉

Complete contour plot laid out on Pete’s table

One of our cleverer chaps (Jose) was able to generate a 1:1 (game scale) contour map of the battlefield for us, it was quite a sight when laid out on Pete’s 3.6 x 1.2m table, and this has proved a very helpful tool in visualizing what needs to be done terrain wise. It was also a little daunting!  Even the town and village footprints are represented on the map so that we can accurately size and place the built up areas.

Getting started, close up of the styrofoam contours.

Using the plots Jose has been able to transfer the contours onto the foam, cut them out and position them so we obtain accurate terrain for the game. He did a marvellous job and even at this very early stage things look very promising.

A small section of basic terrain relief, this section represents one end of the table 1.2m wide and the 1st metre in length, 2.6m to go!

We have also been busy studying various snow effects and have settled on a very short pile fleecy material for the bulk of the table, it seems to drape nicely into the contours and reflects the light well giving a suitable snowy type look. Michael has also acquired a snow material/floc to augment the cloth, I’m looking forward to seeing to seeing how this will work it certainly sounds promising.

The miracle snow cloth, not a great photo but I can confirm it really looks the part

Well that’s all to tell for now, we’re pretty keen to put on a good game and everyone is pulling together and putting their thinking caps on for this one. I’ll update you with our progress re the foam contours on the weekend, it is looking pretty good from the photo’s that have been smuggled out from Eylau HQ so far.

The Ruskies are looking keen!

Thanks for looking.



la Bricole painting challenge

To help with my rather woeful knowledge of all things Napoleonic I joined the la Bricole forum in the hope that something might rub off and to boost my confidence with the ladies. So far it has turned out to be an excellent decision, they know how to spell all the generals names correctly and the battles too so I’m learning fast, seriously they appear to be a fine bunch of blokes and accommodating.

The forum is running a painting comp for which I have thrown my hat in the ring, my entry will be a Russian command stand with Bagged Rations and friends and I will post updates of  my WIP on fig v fig. The figures I’ll be painting are for an Eylau participation game at a B.I.G. club Con here in Brisbane, the Con is in early October and the timing is perfect, lets hope the painting is too as there are many fine painters on the forum.

What is going on around here I’ve entered two comps in the same week two more than I have entered in the last 30 years! The figures in the raw….

thanks for looking

A small update rather than create a new post, figures primed ready for some pigment.

The more observant of you may have noticed a shortfall in riders, the recalcitrant officer needs a little more work on some pesky mold lines. Quite often I can’t see the pesky offender until I have given the figures their first shot of primer and this was the case in this instance, “right now come here you”