Brass In Pocket pt 1

The brass effect

Steady on there chaps I said brass not ass, there will be no talk of burrows, donkeys or mules around these here parts by George.

I recently painted up a few pieces of artillery to keep my French brigade company on those long cold winters nights and decided to try something a little different from just slapping on some GW Brazen Brass or Vallejo Bronze. I’m not sure as to the success of the trial but as the cannon are AB miniatures the barrels are far too small for anyone to notice……

….so mucking it up wont be the worse thing that has happened in the last 20 minutes. The barrels shown here have a black brown artist acrylic (oil paint would work just as well) painted over a citadel brazen brass undercoat. Next up the excess acrylic was carefully wiped off the barrel before it had time to set hard leaving a dark shadow around the raised sections.

Finally I have drybrushed the barrel with some citadel bright gold not too much just enough to highlight the raised areas and the larger straight lengths of the barrels. The photo below highlights how well the ‘black brown’ toned the original brass undercoat to a nice warm bronze (breach area). this will be worth remembering with hard plastic 28mm hoplites now on the market.

It has perhaps come out brighter than need be and maybe a thin wash of panes grey would fix that. It would do to remember that this is 15/18mm scale so a bit of extra oomph brightness wise isn’t necessarily a bad thing, not to mention the barrels are woefully under size 😛


AB Miniatures French Cuirassiers

Continuing on with the French Cavalry Theme

My only Cuirassier Regiment, steadfast chaps all the same and they know the Mamelukes are there for moral support if it’s needed.

Once again these come from AB miniatures Imperial French range. The uniform details come straight from the Oprey , the number and title eludes me at the moment… me stoopid

They look mustard! Ready to stick it up ’em Mr Manwaring, they dont like it up ’em.

Dont be shy, if you like AB’s or not feel free to comment. If you have something you want to add in regards to the figures and brands email me and I’ll share your thoughts in the next post.

On the bench: AB Napoleonic French Line

Truth be known the lab rat and I have been mucking around with this stuff for much too long, I blame him!

A few pictures of the latest painting effort, to be honest they have been hanging around for a bit, a long bit. What can I say? I’m a typical gamer easily distracted by shiny objects, to the detriment of these poor lil chaps. I’ve tried to get the lab rat to focus but he keeps waving new miniatures under my nose.

I’ll take a few more photo’s of some individual figures before their finished, and throw in some ‘inked in’ figures for a closer look at the detail and some hard core and incisive (haaa!) critiquing.

voltigeurs….. at last!

Well it’s about bloody time huh? The labs have been pretty hectic over the last week or so, not much in the way of painting, much more in the way of Indy J seeking the treasures of the lost armies (the news is good but).

Then there was the Winter Nat’s which I am home for for the first time in 3 years, so you had all better watch out because I may be tempted to indulge my other passion, the burning of fossil fuels in the pursuit of fastness, mmmm ….fastness, (actually I think they all use methanol nowadays, but what the) and post some photos of some real fast brmmm brmmms. Some painting has been done but not much. There has been an awful lot of figure cleaning though, …….someone fuq’d up.

Anyhow enough of not taking the blame for my own cock up let’s get looking at the voltigeurs. Once again in various states of dress (that would be painting for the slow), also we have a couple of chasseurs from the light infantry (is chasseur right?). All the figures are in skirmishing poses with some photos of the finished article based and what not. I don’t show the volts in the battalion when manoeuvre column (assumed to be present) so I don’t need figures in the good old march attack pose, the grenadier figure in march attack would do for this if you like that sort of thing.

OK then enough with the blurb I rounded up this feller to show you where to go (he insists he knows the way) for the third installment of support galleries for ab’s imperial french voltigeurs.

come on

gallery update ab imperial french grenadiers

All sorts of stuff going on here, playing at Bob the builder (yes we can!) around the house, but a little bit of painting and a lot of camera and image software mucking around has resulted in some photo’s of my grenadiers kitting up to join III corp.

As with the last collection you will get to see the miniatures as raw recruits, during basic training and under arms with the rest of the regiment.

Fall in behind this guy to have a look

this way