AB Miniatures French Cuirassiers

Continuing on with the French Cavalry Theme

My only Cuirassier Regiment, steadfast chaps all the same and they know the Mamelukes are there for moral support if it’s needed.

Once again these come from AB miniatures Imperial French range. The uniform details come straight from the Oprey , the number and title eludes me at the moment… me stoopid

They look mustard! Ready to stick it up ’em Mr Manwaring, they dont like it up ’em.

Dont be shy, if you like AB’s or not feel free to comment. If you have something you want to add in regards to the figures and brands email me and I’ll share your thoughts in the next post.


Minifig catalogue numbers update

As mentioned in the minifigs cavalry posts I have dug out my catalogue and the range numbers, assuming they are still using the same numbers of course, are……

  • 5FC Chasseurs of the Guard
  • 17FC Mamelukes, 21FC Mameluke Command

minifig 15’s French cav :2nd

More Minifigs cavalry

 Whats a French army without some Mamelukes to hang around the big cheese when he’s on the table. There must be more descriptions of the Mameluke costume (I hesitate to call it a uniform) than there were actual Mamelukes, I finally settled on this one from Knotel via Elting.

Come to think of it these are based for Age of Eagles and therefore be triple the number of actual Mamelukes, still at brigade level manoeuvre units most regiments would only be 1 or 2 bases ;-). This is not the full contingent I’ll take some photo’s of the complete unit next time.

These have been in the collection for a fair time too, I’m using Shako nowadays for larger battles and I can’t be arsed rebasing them, Most about everything else is based around an Empire (groan) system other than my Prussians and these few units.

These chaps had a pretty good level of detail re folds and cuts and it seemed a waste not to take advantage of it so a bit of extra dry brushing seemed in order.

These chaps had a pretty good level of detail re folds and cuts and it seemed a waste not to take advantage of it so a bit of extra dry brushing seemed in order.

Once again I quite like the figure and would recommend it if your budget was tight or you were going to build big scale units, I better go and get those catalogue numbers……

minfig 15’s French cav :1st

First of a few posts of Minifigs cavalry

Some pictures of veteran units in the French collection. These guys have been around for some time and the units made up from odds and ends that have been acquired over time.

These little fellows have been around for some time and put in some hard yards

As you can see the painting style isn’t the same as I use on the AB figures but it seems to be more effective when using minifigs which are considerably smaller than most other 15mm figures around around

They may not be the most popular figure around but I like them. It’s true they don’t have the same outrages accent ….oops, sorry, I mean detail as other brands but then again they don’t have the outrages price to match. I guess it boils down to whether your gaming or train spotting 😉

As soon as I can find my minifigs cattle dog I’ll come back and edit the post with the pack number and any other details I left off.  There is always something dammit!