The Napoleonic Adventure

Is it strange that I never had any desire to build a Napoleonic army? You don’t think so?  A lot of people will only ever play ancients or medieval or mutant succubus vampire sexy bitch wars so yeah maybe it isn’t strange at all.  I on the other hand really really like the horse and musket period, lots, so I’m thinking maybe it is just a bit unusual that I hadn’t got into the ‘big one’.

There was a number of reasons why I hadn’t considered building a Napoleonic force of some description, all but one of which I wont write about now…….. rules!
And decades later this still held true…. almost, as the more astute of you may have noticed I was involved in an 1814 campaign latterly so it is fair to say I enjoy the period but again there was no desire for me to commit to building my own fledgling Napoleonic forces based on the rules being used (Empire V), that is not to say they are particularly bad no is it accurate to say they are particularly inspiring however it is fair to say they attract those with a Napoleon complex (thanks to Drew for the terminology)