The missing blogger

Missing no longer!

While I had kept the brush for hire blog- Paint Pig’s Slowly Over a Low Flame – updated as to my recent activities, or lack there of, it had come to my attention (I realised) that the FigvFig readers had been left in the dark. Do not fear for it is a dull story at best and much of it can be gleaned by clicking on the above link.  Basically I’ve been a bit crook for quite a while this progressed to a couple of collapses late last year which culminated in a visit to the Sawbones a month ago and some surgery last week

An exciting new phase now awaits, I’m just hoping for some inspiration and a clue as to what it may be …hmmmmmm…….

1Not quite what I was thinking, I’ll wait for the medication to wear off… on the other hand?


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