1814 Redux

My apologies for the lack of posting, I have had a severe attack of the doldrums accompanied by chronic (aussies know this saying well) “poor bugger me” syndrome.

Gebhard Leberecht von blucherBlucher in his pre pachyderm days

So to catch up on the 1814 campaign, at some point the pin was pulled. I can’t detail exactly when and why but I imagine most of you will empathise with one of war gaming’s most common occurrences…..  But hark all is not lost, it was only put on the back burner for a later restart (not a continuation), maybe the Froggies wanted to rethink their strategy, maybe Blucher really had been impregnated by an elephant? Be that as it may an 1814 campaign is threatening to darken these pages once more, sub committees are being selected as I type to reset certain aspects of the campaign mechanics and debates are being scheduled to thrash out minutia, which will probably be ignored in the fullness of time or next week  ….which ever comes first!

napoleonI demand a restart to the campaign

Now for those who were waiting to see a miracle transformation in regards to some very ordinary Front Rank castings a la the la Bricole painting challenge ….. well, to put it bluntly, I can only work minor to mediocre miracles and these castings are terrible okay if you paint thick and three tone, not so good if you paint thin and use glazed transitions, the fissures and cracks are not your friend if this is the case. No doubt when the “poor bugger me” has finally lifted I will endeavour to make another attempt but not without some Dettol and filler being employed first.

edit: it has occurred to me that some reworking of the 1814 page will also be in order to reflect some personnel changes. Whilst looking over it I had to laugh, at some stage we lost Schwarzenberg and I jokingly referred to the loss as an abduction/defection to the French side, well he has reappeared and you would never guess which side he is playing on now….

a2Our original Schwarzenberg staring down the camera juxtapositioned alongside a highly suspicious looking Napoleon, strange days indeed 😉

Whilst I’m at it, can anyone suggest a figure that would make or be converted into Blucher as depicted in the print above?


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