Eylau – fun in the snow

Somewhat late but I should mention that the Eylau game has been played! Uh huh, that’s right, the game has been played and I didn’t post anything……

Let me explain, I installed all the pictures (that turned out) in a new annexe of the gallery with the intention of posting a note here in the blog directing your attention to it. Phase one of the operation went quite smoothly phase two…… OK so this is phase two, a little late.

So hit the gallery tab above and select the Eylau sub menu or if that is all too hard (slackers) click

A tight spot for the Ruskies

Thanks for looking guys n gals


2 thoughts on “Eylau – fun in the snow

  1. “I feel cold…..the snow is so pretty”. Snowball fight at noon with 12pdr snowballs.

    Looks great. The feel of that winter storm battle. One advantage of all the cannon present….it warmed up the area.

    Nice batch of photos. The token dead xmas trees nice touch.
    Michael aka wR

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