Capitan 28mm Spanish Napoleonic

Well I have finished my piece for the promotional comp. and I had a lot of fun with it, not just the painting, the little bit of research on the uniform I had to do was very interesting as well. Like most people I had a clue that the Spanish retained a slightly older feel to their uniforms and then at some point the kit was updated to something of a more modern British style.

I did the usual (mandatory) google search and chanced upon some lovely photo’s of re-enactors going about their re-enactory business, this may have been a festival by the looks of it and one I would dearly loved to have attended. The google search also provided the obligatory links to colour plates and so on and these were also very informative and gave me a wide range of units to choose from. I noticed that where the plates and photo’s crossed over showing the same regiments that there was some variation in facing colours, not radical differences mainly in saturation or tone. This is to be expected and highlights the choices we make in our interpretation of colour plates as historical miniatures painters. Is there really a right or wrong way?

My figure was based on the rather strapping lads of the 1em Valencia above although my facing colour was a bit out and closer to the colour plate I had found. I should have glazed over the facings to get them a closer match to the photograph which is a pretty easy process but lazy-itis took over.

I did change the fastening to the cockade however as it is clearly white ticking or linen not brass and made a decision to follow the difference in cloth used on the coat versus the trousers for interests sake. Interestingly none of the  photos show the knee patches on the miniature, the colour plates did though, I’m still curious about this feature.

Strapping lad looking very grand in his uniform

Below is my finished entry taken with a little mood lighting, the base is an old GW style 25mm round with the slot covered over with the aid of some premix plaster, the floc is my usual coarse sand from the garden routine with a couple of tufts (aren’t they the best thing for basing since sliced bread, errrr, you know what I mean) for more interest, I would have loved to have put a little bunny on the base.

There are a range of photo’s on paint pigs blog with an invitation to choose which three I should send in as my entry so if you want to see more and help me out in the process head over and have your say.

What a great miniature this would make

Thanks for looking


6 thoughts on “Capitan 28mm Spanish Napoleonic

  1. Looks great. I tend to paint a Spanish unit as a “painting break” from the typical Frenchman or other european. Must be “Spanish month” on the blog circuit…. I posted a scenario on the battle (lack of action more likely) of Alcolea 1808. Your last blog photo is a image of the “armed civilian”.

    Great work again…. Michael aka WR

    • Thank you Burkhard, a little too bright me thinks. I printed out the photo so I could have it on my painting desk and the print colour balance was a little off hence the difference between the figure and the photo.

    • The re-enactors look quite grand don’t they? So much nicer to use photo’s rather than colour plates too. That last photo is just magic, the guy really looks the part.

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