la Bricole painting challenge

To help with my rather woeful knowledge of all things Napoleonic I joined the la Bricole forum in the hope that something might rub off and to boost my confidence with the ladies. So far it has turned out to be an excellent decision, they know how to spell all the generals names correctly and the battles too so I’m learning fast, seriously they appear to be a fine bunch of blokes and accommodating.

The forum is running a painting comp for which I have thrown my hat in the ring, my entry will be a Russian command stand with Bagged Rations and friends and I will post updates of  my WIP on fig v fig. The figures I’ll be painting are for an Eylau participation game at a B.I.G. club Con here in Brisbane, the Con is in early October and the timing is perfect, lets hope the painting is too as there are many fine painters on the forum.

What is going on around here I’ve entered two comps in the same week two more than I have entered in the last 30 years! The figures in the raw….

thanks for looking

A small update rather than create a new post, figures primed ready for some pigment.

The more observant of you may have noticed a shortfall in riders, the recalcitrant officer needs a little more work on some pesky mold lines. Quite often I can’t see the pesky offender until I have given the figures their first shot of primer and this was the case in this instance, “right now come here you”


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