painting SYW 28mm Foundry and WarTime Miniatures

Small WIP of some Foundry SYW Prussians which are going to join the iMaginary forces railed against the peace-loving iNation of Hesse Kassoulet.  I have used a fairly generic uniform colour and I am pretty certain I can find a Kriess or Palatinate regiment that fits the facings etc. I’m trying out some new ideas and adjusting the way I swab the paint this is the first look, also an interesting pose come posture with the figure…..

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The WarTime Hanoverian figure looks great, I like the RSM types with their cane and taches, would definitely have at least 4 of these little pedants dressing the lines if I was using large battalion rules, you silly little man! This fellow is painted as belonging to regiment 2B.  I haven’t used any metallic paint on these figures just a bit of nmm so far, I was planning to get a nice look going for the Hanoverians and the Foundry piece got caught up in the excitement.
This plate is from Kronoskafe an ideal online resource for syw enthusiasts, the operation runs on donations and is well worth supporting

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4 thoughts on “painting SYW 28mm Foundry and WarTime Miniatures

    • I’ve never been in Foundry’s pay grade (except for their big sales) so I cant comment, I have painted a few but never owned many until now. The WarTime miniatures Hanoverian looks much better in comparison, the Foundry figure seems a bit random in the sculpting and hang of the uniform. These may be an older version and I believe Foundry had a number of sculpters besides the Perry brothers.

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