Some Light Reading R2E

Just received the rather large Republic to Empire rules and had a quick skim over them last night, so far so good, I hope to find a sunny spot to settle down over the weekend for a closer inspection and a nice cuppa. Now I know that they have been around for some time and this is a bit old hat but as they are the only Napoleonic specific rules I have owned, other than second-hand copy of Machine Gun Quarry,  it is something of a moment for me.

surgically removed from the envelope!

1st impressions? Well they can only be superficial at the moment but; nice production values, well illustrated and the concepts/foibles that plague shrinking history down to war game level are explained in an easy to read manner (hopefully the mechanics will be also). The last is particularly useful for the novice so I have hopes that the rules aren’t just for the experienced aficionado but more user-friendly to cater for the lay gamer of the period.




3 thoughts on “Some Light Reading R2E

  1. Hope you like them! There are a few passages one needs to read twice, but there is so much beauty in these rules in their mechanics that it is worth it. They flow nicely on the tabletop and give you a good historic feel while gaming. They are the best Napoleonic rules out there IMHO.

    • I’m hoping to make some headway with them this weekend so far I have to say they are jolly sensible. BTW you’re one (well your blog reports) of the gamers out there responsible for this purchase, along with Clarence of Quindia to mention just two so I think it might be a safe purchase 😉

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