Meanwhile at Vitry Pt. 1

Day five of the 1814 Campaign redux really was full of action, while Schwarzenberg, Ney and the little emperor where busy to the south a stoush was developing to the north at Saint Etienne au Temple and Marmont had his hands full with Blucher on the approaches to Vitry le Francois, it is the Vitry fight that will be the focus of this report.

weather day 5 @ Vity le Francois; clear and frozen ground.

Click the photo’s for a lager view

Blucher, after securing St Dizier, pushed on towards Vitry le Francois all the while his advance guard of cavalry pushing back Marmonts cavalry screen. Just short of Vitry the French stood and two cavalry forces came to blows trying to secure the small village of Marolles (thanks google maps and Mes. Cassini) on the outskirts of the larger town.

French cavalry screen halts at the outskirts of Vitry le Francois and faces the advancing Allied cavalry

The Russian Dragoons make it into Marolles but are ill equipped to hold the village.

The pressure was on the allies as Marmont had dispatched a corp of reinforcements from Vitry le Francois to help take the village and hold it before the main body of the Prussian army arrived.  It was a sharp affair with charge and counter charging being the order of the day.

Uh oh here comes the French reinforcements, the Russian dragons don’t look impressed!

The Prussian hussars mixing it with the French, charge after charge with neither side gaining an advantage. Just to the right of this stoush a regiment of Prussian hussars had seen off their opponents and a chink of light had opened up for the allies.

The allies had their chances to put the French to the sword but the dice of war were not on the side of the bigger squadrons, yours truly being responsible for mucking up a number of clear victory opportunities with single digit rolls, bugger!

On the extreme right the cossacks were keeping the French busy and eventually saw them off completely, and there was much rejoicing, drinking of the vodka and the obligatory looting.

The French cavalry screen was eventually beaten back with both sides racking up casualties, but alas, it was too late, the French reinforcements had secured Marolles.

Having seen off one regiment of dragoons these Prussian hussars throw caution to the wind, charge across some rough going without a care,  round on another unlucky French unit that the Russian dragoons had manged to push back from the hamlet, and rout them off the table. Gutt show Herman.

Just in the nick of time, these Frogs had been giving me all sorts of grief. Possibly my uncanny ability to roll single digits for the two disordered  units on previous turn didn’t help, the hussars saw them off though!

I deemed it best to withdraw my remaining forces to regroup and take stock.  Blucher by this time was just off table with the Army and a table top scroll was considered in order to continue with the next phase of the action.

With the infantry in possession of the village and the lancers working their way around my flank, having seen off two of the Russian Dragoon regiments in the process, it was time to limber up the guns, make an orderly withdrawal and cede the table to the French.

It is now that we need to consult Blucher himself in regards to the next phase of the battle (part 2) as I was AWOL for two weeks enjoying a little holiday.


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