1814 Last of the initial map moves and battle looms.

weather for days 3 & 4 frozen ground

Commander of the Prussian forces Jose Blucher looking a tad smug.

To recap the action so far.  A large (large for 1814) French force led by the Emperor himself  liberated Chaumont and a great deal of supplies.  Fearing a sneaky Austrian flanking manouvre he ordered an immediate fallback to Bar-sur-Aube,  destruction of the remaining supplies and the mining of the bridge. Schwarzenberg preparing a move north to be within support distance with part of Bluchers force was stunned to find the French in his rear and order a reverse tack. Unfortunately by the time his forces reached Chaumont Napoleon had slunk off, all Schwarzenberg found was destroyed supplies  But luck was also on his side, the fuse on the charges laid on the bridge snuffed out and the bridge remains intact.

As far as Blucher is concerned it has been a pretty uneventful couple of days, other than the capture and garrisoning of St Dizier, his supply of schnapps and sausage remains intact. His southern command, being harassed by a large contingent of French cavalry,  has pushed through St Dizier and occupied the town, from there his southern command is advancing on Frignicourt and a French garrison of unknown strength. Blucher’s northern command has pushed on past Revigny garrisoning the town. Encountering little resistance, other than the local populace armed with nothing more than long sticks of bread, continues it’s march NW along the Ancienne Chaussen Romaine possibly to threaten Chalons-sur-Marne?

Blucher continues on his merry way blissfully unaware of the action to the south. His alter ego Jose, however, is fully aware!

In the south Schwarzenberg and Napoleon continue dancing around each other, Strauss no doubt. The French continued their fallback to Bar-sur-Aube, now aware that Schwarzenberg is a days march behind them they throw up defences around the town hoping Schwarzenbergs uncharacteristic enthusiasm might very well prompt him to give battle! Not surprisingly the defences check Schwarzenberg’s desire for fisticuffs and the army of Bohemia begins, once more, the difficult task of reversing it’s line of march. Napoleon not wanting to loose the opportunity issues orders to his army “form up and give chase”, they didn’t have far to go.

As described in the text Schwarzenberg and Napoleon having pirouetted about Bar-sur-Aube have now decided to dance.

I will leave you with the last of the day 4 movement. With Bonnie out of his defences and giving chase Schwarzenberg and his 2IC decide to stand and give battle, the enormity of the task of redeploying his forces, which are marching in the opposite direction, soon becomes apparent. After spending the night acting upon the new orders the x’st corp (must remain undisclosed for now) at the tail of the Army of Bohemia has shaken out into battle formation meanwhile the other corps in the centre and at the head of the ‘army order of march’ are in the process of receiving orders and acting upon them.

Jose (aka Blucher) has prepared a preliminary table map which the commanders may change slightly depending on their rating.

It looks like a stoush Ladies and Gentlemen, may the best general win. Please leave a comment if your following the action, you don’t have to fill out the boxes if you don’t feel comfortable with doing that (WP is secure) although it is nice to see your name/user handle. Our commanders will be able to view your comments via the blog and may very well reply, or you may wish to “cheer as a comment” from the side lines. Next post I hope to have a few words from our intrepid warriors and how they feel their tactics have proved out so far.

thanks for looking


8 thoughts on “1814 Last of the initial map moves and battle looms.

    • Thanks David, this has every sign of being a large rolling battle and has the potential to last a couple of “campaign days”


  1. Hi, I’ve just spotted your posts on TMP. This is looking very good and I’ll be adding you to my blog roll. I’m looking forward to seeing how the campaign unfolds, and would be very interested in learning more about the rules behind the campaign aspects, how you’re determining the battlefield(s), movement, supply etc.

    If you’d like to have a look at my website I’m in the middle of beta testing an online campaign system which may prove of interest to you ideas wise?

    • Thanks for your comment Gavin, campaign details are being handled via the boardgame Napoleon at Bay. I’m due to do a small update of the 1814 page with photo’s of the figures, I will endeavour to to get some scans of our playsheets as well. Great site you have there!


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