“The War Game”

Like many war gamers of my age (1963) my first exposure to a “real” indeed any set of war games rules was Charles Grants ‘The War Game’ (TWG), and I was hooked. Others speak of Donald Featherstone and Peter Young amongst others with the same affection and having read the works by these gentlemen I fully agree with the sentiment. As my annual reading of this much’d loved book was drawing to an end  I started to give serious thought as to using the rules once more and seriously modelling my armies along the lines presented in the book i.e. big battalions, in both scale and troop number, and classic war gaming figures such as Willie and Spencer Smith and incorporating the newer Minden and Jackdaw lines.

At the risk of repeating myself let me explain how this started. This year I have spent a lot of time going back through various rules deciphering, extrapolating, comparing mechanisms and thinking about the general feel of game they provide. Time and again I keep coming back to TWG with some feature or another from a newer rule set  finding that a mechanism or rating used in those newer tomes can easily be applied or incorporated into a existing game mechanic with this older set. Where is all this leading, well quite simply I’m reverting back to a system of organisation and rules based around TWG for my mid 18th C armies, in particular my Imagi-Nation  of Hesse-Kassoulet forces. Those familiar with the Imagi-Nation concept (explained below) would consider this appropriate, expected even, but I’m seriously thinking of adapting TWG as the basis for a set of Napoleonic rules with my figures cunningly based as to maintain useability for Empire (the favourite of our merry band of gamers)

After much thought I’m going to add a “The War Game” button to the menu bar to archive posts bearing the mark of ‘The War Game’ and my rambling and activities regarding the rules and miniatures that have been subjected to said activities. I had originally played with the idea of a community forum to allow others to add their ideas and may still but for the moment the additional category to the blog will do, I am very happy to publish contributor modifications and ideas.

For those uninitiated the Imagi-Nation movement, is a collection of like-minded gamers who follow the idea of creating fictional countries and armies to war game over fictional conflicts, an idea promoted in TWG, I’ll let Charles Grant himself explain…….

“….There is nothing to hinder the creation of one’s own imaginary war, no limit to the fictitious powers, all extremely bellicose, which can be bought to life, and no difficulty in finding a suitable ‘casus belli’ over which to commence hostilities.”

Your imagination being the driver behind rulers, armies, uniforms and indeed period, the Victorian era being popular as are modern banana republics. In the case of Hesse Kassoulet we join them in 1731.

A large selection of Imagi-Nations can be found on the Emporer vs Elector blog.


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