Thinking Napoleonic

Well at least that is what it seems is happening, it has been a long time habit of mine not to  approach the new year with plans for my hobbies, this year it seems to be planning itself. It’s not strictly true that I don’t plan, in reality I just didn’t need to, for many years my wargaming was non-existent so no plans required. I have spent the last two years getting my painting back on track after a very long lay off, no plan, other than play around with paint and pay attention to the results. What about the fishing, well I can do that anytime I feel like, and I don’t really need to catch a fish to have an enjoyable day.

RHA crew from Perry Miniatures, why British Artillery? I just liked them!

Was the pre-amble necessary? Not sure but it sets the mood, what I see happening this year is a pull towards buying Napoleonic miniatures, not a big period for me I’m more a dabbler when it comes to the little Emporer. I found myself buying an RHA section and RA section from Perry in the second half of last year and continuously gazing at PF’s Calpe miniatures (of which I weakened and ordered the odd pack of their new French in early Feb.) then within two days of ordering the Calpe figures I was invited to join some chaps for a 1814 campaign, my first wargame this century! Things are definitely thinking Napoleonic, but what came first? Does buying Napoleonic figures make you more attractive to Napoleonic gamers, do they start to seek you out, talk to you (a complete stranger) for no explicable reason in the que to buy a cup of hot chips. I happened to mention to a fellow TMP’er today that getting in a few Napoleonic figures has got me pretty excited, there are just so many good castings out there from the classic Peter Gilder Connoisseurrange to well sculpted and cheap hard plastics and the wonderfully researched and detailed Calpe range of figures. One thing is certain I will probably be buying more Nap’s again this year and I better get an order in for some WAS/SYW figures and walk around with em in my pockets, I need a mid 18th century game.

Eureka Mini's WAS Dutch artillery crew, the great thing about a fantasy army is you get to create your own uniforms if you wish, this is a test uniform.

I have finally come to the conclusion that my fantasy (imagi-nation) 18th century country is going to be rooted to the WAS-SYW period, more WAS than SYW but I wont quibble and will stare sternly at anyone who does. This has put me firmly in the market for figures, but what scale? My deep affection for and reason for my being a gamer Charles Grants “The War Game” dictates that I will have some 25/28mm figures for smaller games but what to game the larger conflicts in 15mm or 5mm. It’s bugging me.


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