How to add this site to your blogger links list

I have had a few people e-mail me about this or complaining they can’t and why aren’t I using blog-spot/blogger. Well this is where I started and I enjoy using the word-press system, OK not all the time but for the most part. Of course you can follow by email and rss feed to your rss reader, the buttons for this are on the news page,  while we are looking at the news page lets start adding the feed to your blogger links list

STEP 1 Click on the RSS – posts link on the NEWS page, on the left.

STEP 2 The RSS feed page will open you now copy the fig v fig feed address.

STEP 3 Open your blog list on your blogger blog and click add to list

STEP 4 Paste the fig v fig feed address into the ‘Add to your blog list’ dialogue box with add by URL checked and then click the add button

STEP 5 Alakazam, there you have it as if by magic, fig v fig is added to your list of blog links. All you have to do now is click save.

STEP 6 Sit back relax and wait for me to post something

come on dave post some gorgeous mini's

7 thoughts on “How to add this site to your blogger links list

  1. Good information. Thank you. I have added this link to my WP blog site information section. Hopefully us WP’ers encourage the “Blogger” folks to join us. Nice site…..more to follow/read in future postings.
    Michael aka WR

    • Your welcome, I should of course used the blog feed address but this works just as well, as long as it helped readers. I’m sure some punters will see that it is not as scary as they might think, and WP offers a bit of freedom to play about with setting and layout.
      Working through your rules at the moment (good system) but time is always short for these things.
      Have you linked!

      • Dave,
        Thank you for looking at the club’s “old” rules. We have used them since the late 70’s…so a form of “old school” rules. Hope to add some additional video sections later this month. Especially on the shock/melee sections and cavalry charging/countercharging. Currently working on the updating the excel rostering system. The present system dates back to Lotus 123 formatting….early 90’s. Then the largest task…retyping in the written rules…since the last typed version was done with Word Perfect 5.0….and the old disks cannot be translated into the modern MS Word format. For the better…I can add in graphic design, diagrams, photos, images etc to the written material.

        Best for your gaming….
        Michael aka WR
        Northridge CA USA

        P.S. I prefer the WP system over Blogger…..more professional.

      • Dave,
        Thank you for looking at our “Napoleonic gaming” rules. We have used them since the late 70’s…with improvements. Presently, I am upgrading the rule summary videos for cavalry charging/countercharge then coverage on the shock/melee phasing.
        Then my plans are to complete the new “rostering” system based on MS Excel. Next two quarters start the huge process of retyping the entire rule set from a old 90’s Word Perfect 5.0 file into MS Word….adding in photos, images, diagrams etc. That will keep me busy for the summer and fall months.
        Meanwhile, post more actual game AAR’s, both Ancients and Napoleonic plus coverage on the local HMGS-PSW society conventions as a “war” correspondent. This will keep the Rabbit busy.

        Link to HMGS-PSW here in California:

        If you have questions… me.

        Michael aka WR

  2. Minor changes have been made to the instructions, they ensure the rss feed address is copied to the blogger links list not the blog address. My mistake, bad dave

    thanks for looking

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