Blog rebuilding is just about done

Things have been moving steadily along and pin prick of light is definitely visible in the distance, I think. I spent most of the week creating a dummy blog and trying out various themes, as word press suggests, and along the way became totally bamboozled by menu creation and hierarchies and pages versus categories and blah blah blah, I did pick it up though and although not mastered it is a little easier.

The theme you now see features a front page (NEWS) with featured (not the latest) posts glued to the reader/slider. just under the menu bar, below that we have the newest post in full and then the titles of the next posts in order of writing. It is fairly understandable and does work. The menu of which only 1 period is represented at present (le Emporer) I have based on the categories list so no list in the side bar anymore, hit the le Emporer button and all posts (archive) relating to the Napoleonic Wars will appear in chronological order, similarly if you select le Emporer –> French all posts (archives) relating to the French in the Napoleonic Wars will appear in chronological order and so on. The old theme allowed this functionality but the layout was too busy for me. The blog button acts simply as a normal blog reader and allows you to read post relating to tags as well, fairly normal stuff. New menu buttons will only be added as post categories are created.

There is a bit more to do yet but as I said there is light yonder. Hope you enjoy the new layout and theme and please leave comments as to how you think the site is working.

thanks for looking 🙂


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