Overhaul time

Lets tear down that sticky, rework the blog title and overhaul the categories and content. While I may have been missing in action from fig v fig my hobby time has remained constant and my focus has been on trying to improve my painting, doing some commission work and spending too much of my blog time with the paintpig blog. What I havent been doing is anything related to Napoleonics hence the lack of new content and the need to rework the content period of the blog. From now on it will cover the period from the WSS to the ACW.

I hope the change will also restart my Napoleonics collection. I’ve recently been working on a revolutionary army diorama from Eureka and have a British horse battery section from the Perry’s waiting but that is ’bout all. On the other hand here has been no shortage of WSS figures painted with a spattering of 7YW, so why not combine these periods which share similarities and rejuvenate the fig v fig blog?

There may be a few more changes in layout and/or blog theme depending on how this theme handles the new categories menu I’m planning, maybe a more photo friendly layout/theme. Keep an eye on us

thanks for looking


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