minfig 15’s French cav :1st

First of a few posts of Minifigs cavalry

Some pictures of veteran units in the French collection. These guys have been around for some time and the units made up from odds and ends that have been acquired over time.

These little fellows have been around for some time and put in some hard yards

As you can see the painting style isn’t the same as I use on the AB figures but it seems to be more effective when using minifigs which are considerably smaller than most other 15mm figures around around

They may not be the most popular figure around but I like them. It’s true they don’t have the same outrages accent ….oops, sorry, I mean detail as other brands but then again they don’t have the outrages price to match. I guess it boils down to whether your gaming or train spotting 😉

As soon as I can find my minifigs cattle dog I’ll come back and edit the post with the pack number and any other details I left off.  There is always something dammit!


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