basing neapolitan voltigeurs pt1

Here is a little job I started ……a couple of months back! It still isn’t finished but then again a job worth doing is worth taking a long time over.

Actually the real story is I was rebasing some French voltigeurs and basing up some French artillery and these guys were hanging around the periphery and decided to jump on the band wagon.

The base material is the old favourite of the gamer, wood putty, probably a walnut with a little black acrylic paint added (so I don’t have to undercoat) the armature for the tree is from my backyard, yes that’s right it’s a tree, ok a twig.

This one is finished, probably because I didn’t need to go and find some tree flocking material, the Frenchies (that was the original job) didn’t need any. Looks like he lucked in and managed to score himself a finished base. The rocks are, you guessed it, from the backyard as well, and the grassy areas are flocked with some very fine sand, no that’s not from the backyard, I bought it back from a fishing trip (probably in the lab rats shoes) and sieved it! Fine sand in this container, coarse sand and shell grit in that container.

I’ll get around to posting the rebasing effort , the original task in the near future


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