Apa Loggies

Sorry for any inconvenience bloggee’s. The wrecking ball was much more affective than I had first imagined (trialling themes sent bits of the bog in all directions), the blog is slowly coming back into some sort of shape although it will be some days yet before the pages can be re-drafted. Some information, such as links, on post will no longer be relevant and I am unsure of which direction to take in regards to those.

As you can see the theme remains the same (havent settled on a final colour scheme yet) but the layout of the pages and how to navigate to and fro between them and posts will be markedly different, and I hope much easier. Side bars too are undergoing reconstruction to aid in the navigation and may not yet operate as expected. Test post are running hot to check operating features and I try to keep them private so they don’t bombard your feed but the odd one may slip through. It will be marked test if this is the case so please ignore it.

Once again I apologise and thankyou for your patience. Please feel free to post or email comments.


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