duck! ……..wrecking ball

Hello all, you may have noticed a fair bit of the blog is missing, don’t panic, it’s not missing just in recess.  I was over here sorting out the media files and galleries earlier and I shut down most of the remaining pages and spent an hour or two test running some themes. I got bored with assignments and reports anyway and to top it all off the airforce (RAAF) spent most of the day trying out their new toys.

Ideally a theme with drop down menus would be the ticket, however I noticed on some themes they convert the categories into drop down menus also, so now I’m in two minds (should be thankful for either) as to which way to go.

I don’t really want to change the theme as this one is rather good with a wide centre pane, ideal for posting pictures, however the links running backwards and forwards to help navigate between galleries and project pages and so on was too much. Stay in touch we will be back up soon.


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