back for a bit

bit of what?

So what has been happening with me? I’ve just finished banging out a couple of assignments in regards to the regulations, codes of practice and relevant standards of composite plastics (fibreglass in simplest everyday parlance) manufacture and handling. I don’t do much book learn’n nowadays  and getting loaded down with legislative type lawyer speak as my first formal study in 8 years is giving me an aneurism of the nogg’n. I’ll leave em to ferment overnight and reread and if it doesn’t melt my brain trying to understand them they’ll be submitted.

Now as mentioned in a previous post I have some journaling software (s’posed to be good for the blog’n), quite frankly I still haven’t looked at it but I have been cruising the themes and I think some of the answers Im looking for is to be found there. This is a pity because I quite like the layout and look of this one, however drop down menus would definitely make formatting hierarchies like the galleries much much easier. So I think I may close down for a few days while I empty out the media libraries, rejig, cut and paste and jigsaw the whole lot back together again. my plan is to crack open another  WP blog keep it private/unpublished and use that as a test bed.

The problem with wordpress is there are too many build choices 😉  and layout differences with all these  themes where-as the other blog providers have plenty of variation in general appearance without much else, you don’t have to worry about what when why how. How dreadful for us huh?


2 thoughts on “back for a bit

  1. Hey thanks for the offer of information for the Austrians sorry i didn’t get back to you sooner. Just to busy i’m afriad. I stumble across a book at the local library that has lots of information and uniform pictures so once again thanks heaps but I’ll leave the offer at the moment. Hopefully you’ll see some more pics soon as i just finished the spanish army i’ve been working on and the Austrians are next in line

  2. Hi Trip

    Changing again? good luck with the layout, perhaps you should try a websight, no stay. Look forward to the changes.

    bye vic

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