quiet around here

Yes it has been pretty quiet around these parts, the labs have been temporarily shut down for fumigating (the lab rat, my trusty assistant Eagoar has mange something shocking).

The final Layout for the blogsite is still under review due to some journaling software turning up (completely unexpected), this event then requiring a reassessment of how best to utilize it in relation to blogging or indeed if to use it at all?

Finally the assignments for some course work I’m doing is chewing up my spare time no end, I would like to get this over with so I can get on and find a job, some offers are queuing up but unfortunately it’s the old stuff (and old bosses)which I’m not so keen to go back to (hence the courses), and I’m not in a position to go looking in the new field I have chosen because I’m still some way from becoming licensed and ticketed……. blah blah blah …….and on it goes. Of course this is starting to ‘shit me a bit’ cause the labs are down and no goddamn army painting or painting technique/experiments are being carried out on the figvfig benches.

Will try to paint something this weekend or maybe introduce a new page to the blog.


2 thoughts on “quiet around here

  1. thanks for the comments I’m not sure in the picture supplied by the client there are no pom poms and i have never painted 7 yrs wars Austrians before, I have heaps on Napoleonic troops but not these. Any help is greatfully taken

    • g’day Kent

      They dont make it as easy for the 7yw as the naps facing and waistcoat colours changed more than once over a given time period most often with a change in colonel (inhaber), this also is the case with the hat furniture (as I like to call it) that is why a name or number for the regt. is important. pompoms were only present in about 50% of the regt’s although most have the two hat bobs lil pompoms at the rear corners of the tricorn. Send me an email sso I have an address to reply to and I’ll scan some info and post to you. Good old blogspot wanted to sign me up before it would let me have a contact email addy when I tried to contact you through your blog. Good news is “most” regts had white hat lace, so you cant go wrong there, if yours ends up yellow it’ll go easy over the white! Hows that for positive thinking huh 🙂

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