voltigeurs….. at last!

Well it’s about bloody time huh? The labs have been pretty hectic over the last week or so, not much in the way of painting, much more in the way of Indy J seeking the treasures of the lost armies (the news is good but).

Then there was the Winter Nat’s which I am home for for the first time in 3 years, so you had all better watch out because I may be tempted to indulge my other passion, the burning of fossil fuels in the pursuit of fastness, mmmm ….fastness, (actually I think they all use methanol nowadays, but what the) and post some photos of some real fast brmmm brmmms. Some painting has been done but not much. There has been an awful lot of figure cleaning though, …….someone fuq’d up.

Anyhow enough of not taking the blame for my own cock up let’s get looking at the voltigeurs. Once again in various states of dress (that would be painting for the slow), also we have a couple of chasseurs from the light infantry (is chasseur right?). All the figures are in skirmishing poses with some photos of the finished article based and what not. I don’t show the volts in the battalion when manoeuvre column (assumed to be present) so I don’t need figures in the good old march attack pose, the grenadier figure in march attack would do for this if you like that sort of thing.

OK then enough with the blurb I rounded up this feller to show you where to go (he insists he knows the way) for the third installment of support galleries for ab’s imperial french voltigeurs.

come on


2 thoughts on “voltigeurs….. at last!

    • Cheers Kent

      Congratulations on being the first commenter on the blog, and for being the first you win a feeling of wait for it imense pride. How does it feel? Unfortunately Im not putting the time I should into this blog so it’s still in some confusion. It was a delight to see your Spanish painting commission, with any luck I’ll be getting some minifigs on the lab benches soon, should make for some interesting comparisons in the gallery.


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