american civil war command base diorama

This is a little diorama I made up some time ago from spare ab  american civil war miniatures. It is a command base for the union army when I get a chance to play.

I think I saw a rebel army goin thataway

If I remember correctly I was in the process of making another diorama with mounted officers and cavalry escort when things went into recess. As the expeditions into the nether worlds of our house continue (see what’s that noise link)  I may yet stumble upon them, they were in the process of getting fitted out for uniforms so there would still be a fair proportion of the work left to do.

don't ask me I just hold the horse

I noticed, while I was scaling down these photos, the amount of dust that had collected on the Blue belly brass. accumulated, no doubt,  from many a long year holding a strong point on top of the bookcase in the small sun room…… errr….   well they were lost as you can plainly see!

I have tried to leave the pics as big as I dare and still have a quick load time, remember to click on them to see full size. Anyway that gives me and the lab rat a break from staring at Napoleonic troops all day.


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