normal service is resumed

The lab rat and I have been pulling out all the stops (whatever stops are) and the gallery pages and lab pages are up and running again at full speed.

Sorting out the typos and layouts and links has been something of a learning curve and I’m sure there will be plenty of opportunities for something to fall over, but for the most part it should be as close to relatively organised as we’re going to get.

The photo’s have been a pain in the arse (ass to those less well read ;-)), what to keep and what to bin, sizes and resolutions etc etc.  For the most part I will only keep a few photos for my data base and a lot of what gets posted will eventually be filtered out over time. The hope is that what stays will become a worthwhile resource and at least entertaining, if not so very informative as I had hoped

There remains one small glitch, something I think is possible but I can’t get to work at the moment, and that is running galleries straight from the media libraries, if it’s do-able I’ll be right on to it, but so far not much success.

Anyhow that’s enough talk so if you want to jump straight to the cutting and incisive critiquing look behind these chaps

just click.....

That's right, behind us.

or you want to cut to the chase and look at the photo’s follow these fellers

this way


It's great to read what you think so please leave a comment

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