detail detail detail! detail in wargames miniatures

Things are going on down here, and when things are going on down here……?

I came across a fair heap of ab miniatures recently and with time on my hands (not according to she who must be restrained) I decided to paint th…  …….actually this is a story for another place   ……and that place is     HERE

and for those that stayed with the program

My mind has recently turned to the subject of detail, the “right” amount of detail to be precise. I’ve been putting together some battalions of french line recently using these newly rediscovered ab figures drafted from the shoe box reserve, stationed of late in the laundry cupboard mountains.  I was instantly drawn back to the high level of detail on these much admired figures and the inevitable question came up……

ab imperial french line

“what is the “right” level of detail for this scale and is there such a thing as too much detail?”

Of course it’s a horses for courses question come situation. For some people there will never be too much detail the only limiting factor maybe being price!  Naturally we also have those gamers that prefer the other end of the spectrum where there isn’t a great deal of detail but the price premium isn’t there either. Then there is the multitudes, the shades of grey in between. However grey is as grey does Jennay, it is the black and white purchases* that set the end points of our scale.

minifigs chasseurs

So thinking this through its fair to say that gamers decide what is the acceptable range of detail (quality) versus price (quantity) with their wallets,     …..but so far that hasn’t delivered a descriptive answer to what is the right level or even range of detail, it’s a kind of economic description to my mind, so I’m shaking the tree to see if a descriptive definition falls out.

essex rebel cavalry

The tree in my head is too tired to take much more shaking at the moment.  I will continue making some background noise on the subject by listing what I would look for in a miniature. What do you think warrants a fair level of detail when your recruiting?

* One point which I have overlooked is that of purchases (transactions), it is where the money is spent on that scale of detail v price not who is spending it. How awful of me to stereotype purchasers, you miserable pack of wingers!


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