March 16 2012

For our very own Corsican shuttle-cock Peter

I will be using this page to record events in an upcoming 1814 campaign, kick off will be within the fortnight from all accounts. At the moment we are finalising map movement utilizing the board game Napoleon at Bay and making some test moves. My role will be to interpret players orders and map moves, play with marker pins/flags on the map, and to sing out contact occasionally.  As far as the table top is concerned I am an all nations player, a spare pair of hands. The rules are Empire adapted and updated to suit the campaign and players. I hadn’t played Empire for some time so I’m not quite sure what has been changed but it certainly seems to play easily, I’ll follow upon this.

That’s it for now, I will attempt to get a few photo’s of the guys, map board (sans pins) and figures before the kick-off and AAR’s with photo’s as the campaign progresses.

March 20 2012

Campaign commanders in their natural habitat, look I think the chap on the right has spotted me

Although there was some reluctance on their part I have been able to sneak a few photo’s of our Army commanders in their natural habitat, the game room come man cave. It was only by mimicking the call of the ‘war gamer australis’ and babbling some old tosh about figures that I was able to draw near enough to get off several clear shots of the species in it’s natural state. This is our host Peter ,aka Napoleon’s, man cave; great table, great figures, great room, and great host with his wife the lovely Josephine supplying great cuppa’s.

The Allies

Commander of the Army of Bohemia, Dave. Sending a text to the Czar maybe?

Right hand man to Dave is Drew, doing a quick cram on the rules of war

Commander of the Army of Silesia, Jose Blucher

Allied Army of Bohemia is well served with Dave as the doughty Schwarzenberg  and is ably assisted by Drew, somewhat of an enigma Drew walks with a distinctively Germanic stride, wears cornflower blue yet speaks Russian fluently. Interestingly Dave was clearly attempting to use his T-shirt to suggest to his allies that he is the top dog. Drew stuck to cornflower blue, the patriot that he is but I have no idea what type of message Jose was trying to send with his attire. I’m not completely sure if he was intending to put the wind up Napoleon or Schwarzenberg with that message. Clearly each allied commander knows what is expected of him but each has their own objective/agenda to consider also.

Hello hello hello, looks like the Jerries are up to something, where’s Schwarzenberg. the whole show looks a little under handed, eh what old chap. Just what are Drew and Jose up to?


Napoleon, Peter our host

….or the French command as he is other wise known.

Our host, Peter, is taking the role of the diminutive frog  with the big nose, le Emperor Napoleon. It is his job to keep whacking the allies as they try to make their way to gay Parie.

I have no idea what he is muttering to Murat in this photo maybe he is asking for fashion tips. Murat looks suitably nonplussed.

Remember to click on the pictures for full sized pictorial goodness! Next will be a look at the maps used and a normal blog post of the the initial moves. I will only summarize progress here of the 1814 page after each battle.

april 19 2012

News from the front

Schwarzberg (Dave 1), last seen in the company of Napoleon (Peter). Was it a kidnapping or a defection, look at them and you be the judge.

Well it is with sad news that I update our 1814 page, Schwarzenberg is missing, believed kidnapped by the underhanded Frenchies.

He was last seen on the eve of the battle for Bar-sur-Aube in dubious company the next morning nothing, his tent was empty, devoid of Field Marshals! Two wine glasses were found on the bedside table one with lipstick on the rim, the thick plotens.

The call went out for a replacement as the sounds of artillery started to punctuate the crisp morning air, quick as a wink Micheal took over the task of managing the battlefield and yours truly has taken over command of the Army of Bohemia. The first is an excellent appointment the latter, it must be said, could possibly be the darkest day for Austrian arms to date.

The Schwarzenberg’s

All that remains now is for me, Dave 2, to introduce myself to the gallery of rogues and bourgeois allies…..

This is a quick self-portrait that I threw together for just such an occasion, I hope you like it.

…..and of course Micheal our emergency battlefield Schwarzenberg, who not only puts the wind up Napoleon, he is also the creator of our modified empire rules. Jolly good show all round I say.

Blucher explaining his strategic genious with pin mounted flags to emergency Schwarzenberg (Micheal) all the while Napoleon peers over their collective shoulders listening in. Loose lips sinks mounted divisions chap


3 thoughts on “1814 CAMPAIGN

  1. Just got back into Empire myself 6 months ago , Like riding a bike , Our grop did an 1814 Campaign 2o years ago , I was Marmont using the very same board game . The french won battle after battle then when the Allies moved they were able to concentrate overwhelming numbers !

  2. G’day Andrew
    Are you still gaming with Cookie and co?

    We have made 4 days of moves and a battle looms large between the army of Bohemia and some Frogs with a little guy that thinks he’s in charge! I hope to add a bit more to the page re participants and a post concerning the upcoming punch up.

    dave woolford

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