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Reblog: Why I Detest Bill Armintrout’s The Miniatures Page


I came across this very recently, while I dont detest TMP as such I do agree with the sentiments expressed.

I don’t have much more to add…. or subtract for that matter. TMP is, in my opinion, fast becoming a lost cause and I found it very easy to let my membership drop, indeed I have never been back since. I cite the bizarre antics of the editor, not the bi curious/lady boy antics, but his utter contempt for decent moderation and his bias foolishness regarding posts and members and the nonsensical approach to discussion/debate when asked to verify or explain his own posted comments. Just bizarre!

Originally posted on Black Powder Gaming:

I used to visit TMP every day, several times, to contribute and read the latest hobby news.

Then Bill decided to make is to only paying members could submit hobby news, meaning the dynamic news stream dried up.

Then Bill allowed the “good old boys” to dominate the forums with right-wing politics.

Then Bill allowed “Tango01″ to basically spam the place every day.

It was the Tango thing that annoyed me.  It didn’t annoy me because of the blatant spam Bill tolerated.  It was because I understand how Bill’s advertising system works.

It’s not a “pay per click” system like if you advertise on Google.  It’s a weighted views system.  So the more views your ad gets, the more you pay each month.

So I could see that Tango was tolerated because he generated controversy that means advertisers are screwed for more money for no actual gain.

I could also…

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